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September 5, 2014

posted Sep 5, 2014, 2:33 PM by Sarah Winn
How exciting! We had our first week of homework this week on Scootpad! We also got our agendas and learned how to track our homework in them. This was our first week of taking spelling home for homework. Today, we corrected in class and took a spelling test. In science, we worked with fruits and observed their seeds. We also made some spouters yesterday and added four types of seeds: sunflower, bean, corn and pea. Today, we checked on them and some have already sprouted! Since we had left the fruits for so long, some of them were half rotten! Gross! We some more firsts this week… We had our first library visit and our first trip to the computer lab for Type to Learn (TTL). In the mornings, we started learning cursive. So far, we have learned letters A and B. We also had Ms. Vogel begin to come to our classroom! We can't wait for her to start next week! In Language Arts, we started reading Charlotte's Web. We are so excited to get our first book orders in the MESH this week! In math, we made strips of ten and added them together to make one whole strip of 1,000. It stretched half way around our room! We also did work from our math textbook and wrote the work in our math notebooks. Today, we learned about comparing numbers in chapter two. In math, we also did some physical activities to help us learn about place value. At lunch, a few people went to chorus and had fun singing with Mrs. D. 

Mrs. Winn bids us a fond farewell for the next few months! Until January...