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May 23, 2014

posted May 23, 2014, 2:44 PM by Sarah Winn
Today was our last day of PE for the year! We had a fun time with Coach Josh today playing kickball. We also had our last music class with Mrs. D. On Tuesday, we took our trip to McClellan Ranch. We collected water from the creek, then identified and sorted the bugs in the water. We also looked at different kinds of leaves to identify trees. We saw a snake that they had in their nature center. To help us review for the test, we made crayfish diagrams. First, we drew a detailed picture of a crayfish. Then, we used our iPads and an app called Skitch to create a diagram from our pictures. On Wednesday, we had an assembly from two authors. We had the opportunity to buy their books and get them signed. One of the authors came from LA, while the other came from Canada! Their names were Stuart Gibbs and Kenneth Oppel. Gibbs talked about Poached and Oppel talked about Boundless. Today, we had a test in math on measurement. We did the whole chapter in one week! We also had our spelling test. We only have one more week of spelling this year! We also had our last running program this week! Six people from our class are going to the running program party!