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March 28

posted Mar 28, 2014, 2:44 PM by Sarah Winn
Ahoy Mateys! This week we were so excited to finally perform our play, Pirates from Grammar Island, for you and all of Lincoln! On the same day, we had our walkathon kick off assembly! We're so excited to walk till we drop!  Today, in PE, we had two new coaches, Coach Jen and Coach Mary. Mrs. Winn announced to the class last week that she's having another baby! We're trying to guess if it will be a boy or a girl! In Language Arts, we finished reading our MLK book and we're now creating posters with partners to review the events of each day. We're starting to get excited for Open House which is eight school days away. The students are wrapping up some on going projects, like their diaries, to share with you on the big day. The fourth grade teachers came into our class on Wednesday to observe us using technology. We taught them how to create QR codes! We also started creating Comics of ourselves in the future. To go with the comics, we made avatars of ourselves at the age of 38/39. It's Friday, so we also took our spelling test and had free play. In math, we're almost finished with our first fraction chapter! We'll have a chapter test on Wednesday. Lincoln School finished their Pennies for Patients drive. The Room 21 box was VERY heavy! Thanks for all of your donations! Now, we'll sign off so that we can finally do our class jobs. They were a bit neglected while we got ready for our play.