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January 31, 2014

posted Jan 31, 2014, 3:16 PM by Sarah Winn
Hi families! We've had yet another busy week! In Language Arts, we're still busy with our Martin Luther King Jr. book. This week we focused on Day 5: Birmingham Jail. The chapter discussed the letter that MLK Jr. wrote from Birmingham Jail, what prompted it and what the result was from it. We did a full close read (read to self, read by teacher, read to self again) in order to deepen our understanding of the chapter. We also read parts of the Letter From Birmingham Jail and pulled out key concepts and arguments by MLK Jr. The students worked in partners to create posters of what they thought was the most important idea or quote from their section of the letter. In math, we're finishing up practicing our division facts to 10. We expect to take our unit test next week, then we'll be ready for multi digit division! Remember, most students understand the concept of division, they just don't have their facts memorized. The more they have memorized, the easier it will be to learn division with multiple digits. In science, we completed investigation 2 in which we learned about light as a form of energy. In the second part of the investigation, we worked with the colors of light and how we see color. The students created an art project to demonstrate how we see color. In other news... We assigned our next book report. By the end of this weekend, the students should be about half way done (at least) with their book and note taking. In art class, the students used pastels to draw dolphins leaping from the water. The pictures turned out beautiful and are going to be on display at the art show on the night of Open House. Next week should be just as exciting, especially with the trip to the Tech museum!