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January 10, 2014

posted Jan 10, 2014, 3:04 PM by Sarah Winn
Our first week back from winter break! What a great week it was! In science, we started our Matter and Energy Unit. Our first activity had us working in stations to explore how one type of energy can be stored and then changed into a different type of energy. In Language Arts, we started our work with our new book: 10 Days: Martin Luther King Jr. We'll be having regular book club meetings, so we learned how to take notes while reading and prepare for a thoughtful discussion with our peers. We also read and analyzed a speech that MLK Jr wrote and delivered when he was in high school. We used a reading strategy called close reading, where we read the text three separate times to deepen our understanding. After that, we met for our first book club meetings and discussed the first chapter of our book. Our Project Cornerstone parent came and read us a book called Mr. Peabody's Apples. It taught us about rumors and how easy they are to spread and how hard they are to clear up. To celebrate the New Year, we created 2014 resolutions. We listed 2 goals, something we wanted to stop (0), 1 new book we wanted to read, and 4 new things we wanted to learn. In PE we got a new coach, Coach Damien. We had fun playing Sharks and Minnows. In math, we've started our new unit on division. We're learning the vocabulary that goes along with a division sentence.